Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the colleges include:

a. Providing quality education, discipline and character building to future doctors

b. To advance professional education and training in all medical disciplines.

c. To promote and achieve a high standard of professional practice and competence

among practitioners.

d. To promote and facilitate medical practice and research in the Chittagong Hill

Tract region and to disseminate the research results to peers.

e. To further advance the knowledge of application of medical science in total

health care systems.

f. The future graduates of this institution will be:

  • Good practicing medical professionals.
  • Committed to professional excellence.
  • Problem based, community oriented physicians.
  • Able to deliver best clinical skills to manage emergencies in clinical
  • practice.
  • Research oriented for enhancement of knowledge and professional
  • development.
  • Up to date with practical application of latest information technology tools
  • and recent advancement in medical science in professional practice.