Sundarban tour 2016

July 23, 2016

All the respected teachers of Rangamati Medical College are being requested to ensure their participation in the expected” Sundarban tour” which will tentatively be held on December 22-26, 2016. As the capacity of ship is limited and all the programme have to be arranged on the basis of number of participant, the interested teachers are requested to deposit 5000 tk. for each family member to Mr. Shyamol of RmMC office by 28th July, 2016 (Thursday) as booking money. The total expenditure will be assessed later on and the required amount of donation will be informed to the participants and the rest portion of  donation will be collected before tour. We are seeking everyone’s kind cooperation to make the tour successful. For any query please contact with Dr. Rawnak Jahan, Dr. Preeti Prasun Barua, Dr.Monoj Kumar Barua or Dr. Biplob Kumar Barua.